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Cooking Dungeon is a game about monster hunting chefs.  Play as Lychee an apprentice chef looking to increase her skills in the cooking world.  Monsters are edible in this universe and you must use your skills in the 'pantry'  to collect ingredients to make food for hungry custmors. 

WASD to move 
E and space go forward (sorry for the lack of consistency) 
Q is back
Shift to look in bag & book 

Making this game
This is a game I made over a semester, I had two programmers assist during different times too. Thomas made all the base systems but fell off the project and Remy came in later to help tie it together. I made the world art and overall design of the game. Who knows maybe one day I'll expand on this but for now its on permanent hiatus. 

Music is from Grandia OST I do not own any of the music in this game 


Cooking_Dungeon.zip 368 MB


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This game cleared my skin, watered my crops, walked my dog and gave me life.

The graphics are so cool look at how lush and vibrant it is!!!!  Especially at night look at how nice it looks!!! So visually appealing B) Characters are all A+ too great game.