A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

( Final build for the meantime )


  • WASD to move around
  • Use Mouse click to pick things up and to drop them
  • Press E to enter doors
  • Shift to run
  • E interact with specific objects like doors
  • Mouse wheel zooms in and out of objects held
  • Press Q to stop rotation of objects
About the game

This game was made in 5 weeks by Uni students
I do not own the music in this game nor am I making any profit from it.
Music by London Grammar & Bear McCreary.

The developers behind this game

Myself 3D Modeller and coding.

Sophie 2D art

Holly Puzzle design, narrative and Sound

Daniel 3D Modeller and Coding.


  • Find all the blocks and put them on the cupboard floor, there are 9 in total
  • Once all the blocks are in the cupboard the key in the box to the right of the cupboard will spawn a yellow key
  • Use the yellow key to get past the endless hallway
  • The rest of the game is exploration
  • Press E to enter paintings

Install instructions

Unzip and make sure the exe is not the the same folder as the data and you should be good to go.


Echoes of E.zip 32 MB
Echoes of E.app.zip 36 MB


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good game.

SICK GAME!! Had a lot of fun with the puzzles!!! All the models were so cute and there were SO MANY I can tell you guys worked hard!!! It looks so good and so chill!! Thanks for making!! BBBB)

No Mac executable, so WHY CLAIM IT AS SUCH?

Ohhhh so sorrry I try fix that for you

I've uploaded a .app tell me how it goes if you can get in. Sorry about that.